Is your desktop or laptop running slow? Do you have a Virus or Malware? Can you no longer communicate to your printer even though it worked just a few hours ago? Are you having e-mail issues or pop up program errors? All of these issues and more are now quickly repaired with our on demand industry leading and ultra secure remote support software. Just give us five minutes to walk you through the connection process and then you are free to continue on with your day (or welcome to stay and watch). And with our affordable rates and free estimates, the job cost will never change from our initial quote.

Although many first time customers prefer the initial visits in person, most longtime loyal customers enjoy the convenience of a local computer guy at their finger tips. No longer do you have to wait for an appointment time or try to schedule some availability during your busy work week. A quick call for an instant Remote Support session with Mike the Computer Guy will have you up and running in no time at all.

Please call to receive your randomly generated six digit code and start your remote session today.